The First Story in hand πŸ™‚

13 years old was “S” residing in Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CP&WB) Lahore from last 8 months. The officials of CP&WB Lahore referred the case of “S” to Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA), for family tracing of the boy. The Director General took notice of the case and directed the child protection unit to bring all the efforts to trace the family of child. staff of child protection unit immediately started their efforts to trace his family and interviewed the child telephone to know his whereabouts, so that they could search his family in that area. The boy in his interview added that he left his home willingly as he didn’t want to attend the school because his teacher used to beat him badly in petty issue and his parents weren’t ready to listen to his concern instead they got angry when he tried to share the situation with him but now, he missed his parents badly and he wants to live with his parents and family. The CPU staff instantaneously contacted with various partner organization working with communities and asked for support for family tracing of the boy, meanwhile CPU staff designed a poster with the boys’ picture and provided their contact detail with him. After the efforts of many days, CPU staff finally traced his family and reunited him with his family. The CPU staff also provided counselling services to the boy and his family and stressed that parents should consider his issue and should try to resolve it to avoid this situation in future.

The Second Story in hand πŸ™‚

The Sindh Child Protection Authority received a case of corporal punishment with 8 years old girl in school by her Urdu teacher for not completing her homework. After receiving the case, Director General Sindh Child Protection Authority Mr. Azim ur Rahim Khan Meo, immediately took notice of the case and the authority started its effort to get justice for the survivor and talked to the family, concern police station and lawyers. It is pertinent to mentioned that even the provincial assembly has passed the law against corporal punishment with children in 2016, it is rare sight that such cases are being noticed and came in to lime light. Her family asked the SCPA to support in lodging the FIR as the other party had some influential people with their side and instead of court petition the FIR of the case wasn’t lodged.

The child protection team keeping the much pressure in mind from the other side ensured its fullest support to survivor and stood by with her family, after making much effort and advocacy the child protection team successfully lodged a FIR of the incident. The medico-legal examination proved the corporal punishment, police apprehended the accused and the case was presented to the judicial magistrate. The authority provided its utmost support to the case as the most of the cases of corporal punishment goes unnoticed and the physical abuse continues. Fighting with all pressure the case is in the court of law, while SCPA believes that justice should prevail.

The Third Story in hand πŸ™‚

The Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA) received a case of sexual abuse with 8 years old girl “B” in her school by the security guard of the school from a government hospital, the hospital is one of the referral partners of SCPA. Mr. Azim ur Rehman Khan Meo, The Director General of Sindh Child Protection Authority immediately took notice of the case and asked his team to made all the possible efforts to facilitate the survivor. According to the details, the girl felt intense pain in her lower abdomen and her family took her to the hospital where during the checkup doctor discovered that the girl has been a survivor of sexual abuse. The girl then also confirmed the cruel incident happened with her; however, she wasn’t ready to reveal the story and culprit name. The team of SCPA on the direction of their DG Mr. Meo went to the hospital and offered psychological counselling to the survivor, the girl during the session revealed that the incident happened with her twice within one month. She added that when I went to school gate after school timing to go to home, the school deceived me by saying that he will help me to took my school beg forced fully took me to guard’s room and abused me and threatened me to not to inform anyone. The next time this same incident happened when he found me alone in the ground after school he again forced fully to his room and abused me. I was so scared that I forget me school beg in school ran away from there and reached home, I reached home and realized that I forgot my school beg so I took my aunt with me to take my school beg as I was scared that the guard will be there and he might do the same with me. The girl added that I was so scared that first time in my life I didn’t share what happened with me because I was embarrassed but yesterday night the pain was so intense and unbearable so informed me family about the pain only but when I came to hospital dr. discovered what happened with me. Initially, the family wasn’t ready to lodged a FIR because of their cultural constraint. The SCPA team provided counselling to the family and also stood by them in all process of medico-legal examination, the medico-legal examination proved the sexual abuse with the girl and the SCPA team supported her family to lodged the FIR and also offered the legal aid services through its referral partner. Police has arrested the traitor and the case is in the court of law and the authority is following the case and in regular contact with the family and survivor.

The Fourth Story in hand πŸ™‚

The brutal case of sexual abuse with 15 years old “U” was reported to Sindh Child Protection Authority. Realizing the sensitivity and urgency of the case the Director General Sindh Child Protection Authority Mr. Azim ur Rahim Meo took notice of the case and instantaneously asked the team to contact the survivor and bring all the efforts to support the survivor. According to the details, the survivor informed that I always saw my mother using drugs, alcohol and calling stranger men to our home but me and my sibling doesn’t who is our real father, my mother never makes us to meet our real father? It was her routine to get drunk and spend time with those stranger men. One day a man came to meet her they used drug and alcohol for hours and then my mother forced me to go inside the room with that man, when I refused to go, they brutally beat me and finally the man raped me. I was bleeding badly and informed me but she was unconcerned about me as she got a huge amount from that man. I got raped by the man with my mother consent, then this became the daily routine that my mother use to forced me and the stranger men used to rape me and gave the money to my mother. She used to threaten me that either she will kill me or accused my brother for raping me if I will discuss this with anyone, one day when my mother didn’t get money, she accused the man and filed a complaint in the police. But I revealed all the truth in front of police. The SCPA on the immediate direction of the DG went to meet the survivor and ensured the protection of girl. The team stood by the survivor and offered legal support; meanwhile, police arrested her mother.

The case was presented in the court of judicial magistrate where the custody of girl with her consent was given to her uncle and her mother was sent to jail; however, the rapist absconded and police is still searching for him. After many trials her mother was granted the bail by the court but she is still in jail because nobody has submitted the security deposit for her bail. The DG SCPA has asked the team to be in regular contact with the survivor girl making sure that she doesn’t have to face any further abuse and is living in secure and getting appropriate facilities. The SCPA also offered counselling to the girl for overcoming from her trauma.

The Fifth Story in hand πŸ™‚

A case of missing child was received at Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA), it was reported that 13 years old missing child “A’ was mentally upset. Keeping the ever-increasing number of missing children and the protection of child in focus the Director General Sindh Child Protection Authority Dr. Azim ur Rahim Meo ordered child protection unit to take immediate action to search the child.

The child protection team met with family of survivor and went to police station, the team met with the SHO of A Section Shandadkot Police Station and requested to lodge a FIR. The team stood with family and lodged the FIR to ensure the police action on the matter; on the other hand, the child protection unit made the poster of the child, pasted it in the district and also shared it with the partner organizations and volunteers.

After the hard work and efforts of 10 days, the child protection received a call from one of its partner organization that the child has been seen sitting on the road side area of Ajir Khair Mohammad. The Child Protection Officer immediately took action and went to the child and also informed his family about his recovery. Later, with the full efforts of CPU of Sindh Child Protection Authority the child was successfully reunited with his family and to ensure the safety of the child, CPU is following up with the family.

The Sixth Story in hand πŸ™‚

The Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA) received a tragic case of rape with 09 years old girl “AI by her cousin (close relative) and had been faint for two days. The Director General Sindh Child Protection Authority Mr. Dr. Azim ur Rahim Meo took notice of the case and immediately directed the Child Protection Officer of concerned district to take action and provide all the possible support to the survivor and her family.

Child Protection Officer immediately contacted with the family who informed the team that the girl is admitted to the hospital as she fainted because of the heavy bleeding. The child protection team along with survivor’s family went to police station and met with the SHO, who then asked his officers to immediately lodged a FIR and start investigations. After 2 days of being faint, when the girl awakes, she informed that her cousin is an Imam of the Mosque located at nearby street and also running his shop which, he has built within the premises of the Mosque. She added that there are two gates of that shop, one from inside of Mosque and other from outside at the street. On that day when this incident happened, I went to the shop to buy some toffees; he took me inside the shop forcedly and abused me. She further informed that, he had been abusing her since many times but on that day, she started bleeding badly she went to her home and informed everything to her family; later, the medico – legal report also confirmed the sexual abuse happened with her. The survivor informed that, she never informed her family before that day because she was scared and it was embarrassing for her. The CPU stood by her and her family in lodging the FIR and also provided the legal support to the affected family to pursue her case in the court of law. Police has arrested the culprit and produced him to judicial magistrate and then sent to jail for remand as the culprit had also confessed his crime.

The case is currently in the court of law and child protection unit is following the case and also providing her psycho-social support to make her out of her trauma.

The Seventh Story in hand πŸ™‚

A call was received to child helpline to report the case of forced marriage with 13 years old girl “S”, her mother called to CHL and informed that one of our relative living in neighbor kidnapped my daughter and forcedly married to her with their son, she further added that she also went to police but didn’t get an appropriate support. Dr. Azim ur Rahim Meo, the Director General Sindh Child Protection Authority took notice of the case and directed the concern child protection unit to immediately take action on the incident. The case was referred to concern child protection unit from child helpline, the child protection officer contacted with the mother and took all the details. Her mother informed that they kidnapped my daughter and forcedly married her and when I asked them that I want to meet her they told me that they have sent my daughter with the boy with whom they married her and they are now in Punjab, many of our relatives are living in Punjab who also confirmed it. Birth certificate provided by the mother showed that the girl is 13 years old; however, the age of bride written in Marriage Certificate is 18. She added that it’s been months that I haven’t seen my daughter I would request SCPA to support me so that I could meet my daughter and police is asking for money to proceed any investigation as the girl is in Punjab now. The child protection officer went to the SSP office of the district and informed the police officials about overall situation, SSP ensured it that they will support her and no money will be charged. CPU also offered legal support to the mother, after much effort of child protection unit the mother is in Punjab now and currently, she informed the CPU that her daughter is expecting and her due date for delivery is within month but the other party doesn’t allow her to meet her daughter properly. The case is now in the court of law and CPU is following up with mother, the team is also making efforts to talk to the other party so have more clear picture and also in contact with Child Protection and Welfare Bureau so that the case could be referred to them and they can physically follow up the case.

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