- An anti child-beggary drive was conducted by SCPA at Boat Basin, Do Talwar, Teen Talwar and Abdullah Shah Ghazi Flyover, District South Karachi. - The drive was conducted on the instructions of DG SCPA Asghar Ali Ghanghro. - The important agenda of the Anti-Child Begging Campaign in the city was discussed between DG SCPA Asghar Ali Ghanghro and Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon along with AIG South. - All parties decided to ensure that the menace of child begging is put to an end. - A meeting was chaired by the DG SCPA Asghar Ali Ghanghro along with the Deputy Commissioner South. - The agenda of the Anti Beggary Campaign was discussed. - The management of District South including SSP, SHO, Assistant Commissioner and Mukhtiyarkar also participated in the meeting. - Sindh Child Help 1121 works tirelessly to ensure that all children are kept safe. - If you feel that children feel threatened in any way, please immediately dial 1121 and let us help them. - Feel free to report all cases of child abuse to our helpline 1121.

Dear Children,

Never leave home alone.

Make friends, but be sure to tell your parents.

Go to parks, schools, tuition and markets etc. with adults.

Never go to deserted roads or deserted places.

Do not take gifts or food from strangers.

If someone catches you and scares you, make noise.

Tell adults about suspicious people around the house.

Tell your parents or elders about your problems.

In case of danger, call 1121 immediately.

Social Welfare Training Institute ST-4 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block 7 Karachi.

!پیارے بچو

.گھر سے کبھی اکیلے باہر نہ جائیں

.دوست بنائیں مگر والدین کو ضرور بتائیں

.پارک، اسکول، ٹیوشن، مارکیٹ بڑوں کیساتھ جائیں

.سنسان راستوں اور ویران جگہوں پر ہرگز نہ جائیں

.کسی اجنبی سے کوئی تحفہ یا کھانے پینے کی چیز نہ لیں

.کوئی پکڑے، ڈراۓ یہ دھمکاۓ تو شور مچائیں

.گھر کے آس پاس مشکوک افراد کے بارے میں بڑوں کو بتائیں

.گھر کے افراد کے علاوہ کوئی لاڈ پیار کرے تو والدین کو ضرور بتائیں

.اپنی پریشانی اپنے والدین یا بڑوں کو بتائیں

محفوظ بنیاد کل نہیں آج خطرے کی صورت میں 1121 پر فوری اطلاع دیں

سندھ چائلڈ پروٹیکشن اتھارٹی حکومت سندھ سوشل ویلفیئر ٹریننگ انسٹیٹیوٹ ST -4 گلشن اقبال، بلاک 7 کراچی۔

فون 0219933044، ای میل scpasindh@gmail.com

,پيارا ٻارؤ

.گهر مان ڪڏدھن به اڪيلي ٻاھر نه وڃو

.دوست بڻايو، پر پنهنجي والدين کي ضرور ٻڌايو

.پارڪ ، اسڪولن ، ٽيوشن ۽ ٻازارن وڏن سان گڏجي وڃو

.خالي رستن ۽ ويران جڳھين تي بلکل نه وڃو

.ڪنھن اڻ ڄاڻ کان ڪا به سوکڙي يا کاءڻ پئڻ جي شئ نه وٺو

.ڪنھن اڻ ڄاڻ کان ڪا به سوکڙي يا کاءڻ پئڻ جي شئ نه وٺو

.ڪو پڪڙي ڊيڄاري يا ڌمڪي ڏئ ته رڙيون ڪيو

.گھر جي، آس پاس شڪي ماڻھن بابت وڏن کي ٻڌايو

.گھر جي آس پاس شڪي ماڻھن بابت وڏن کي ٻڌايو

.گھر ڀاتين کانسواءڪو ٻيو پيارڪري ته والدين کي ضرور ٻڌايو

.پنھنجي ھر پريشاني پنھنجي والدين يا وڏن کي ٻڌايو

محفوظ بنياد سڀاڻي نه اڄ خطرن جي صورت ۾ ، 1121 تي فورن اطلاع ڏيو

سنڌ چاءلڊ پروٽيکشن اٿارٽي، حڪومت سنڌ سوشل ويلفيءر ٽريننگ انسٽيٽيوٽ ايس ٽي4 گلشن اقبال بلاڪ 17 ڪراچي

فون 0219933044، ای میل scpasindh@gmail.com

Mr. Muhammad Sajid Jokhio

Minister / Chairperson Social Welfare Department

We believe all children deserve to be treated equally regardless of their social status and religion. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that children, the future of the country, are looked after well. Please join us and help eradicate the menace of child abuse, child labour and exploitation of children. Together we can make a difference. Muhammad Sajid Jokhio - Minister Social Welfare Department Government of Sindh.


Dr. Shereen Mustafa

Secretary - Social Welfare Department

Children are like flowers. They are very delicate. Once broken/plucked, it is impossible to rekindle them. They need nourishment, care, and above all, a lot of love and attention. The Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA) is playing a vital role in keeping the children safe from all sorts of societal evils. We would like to thank everyone who has done his/her bit in helping us and look forward to your cooperation again with regard to child protection. We must strive to provide a better environment to our children. That's the least we can do for them.

Asghar Ali Ghanghro_1

Asghar Ali Ghanghro​

Director General - Sindh Child Protection Authority

At the Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA), we have pledged to eradicate the menace of child labour, child abuse; be it emotional or physical, and save children from being forced into early marriages. After the 18th amendment in 2010, the responsibilities to protect the asset of the country's children further delegated to provinces in an attempt to better manage the affairs. I would urge the people of the province to play their due role responsibly and do not hesitate in reporting cases of child abuse, labour, and early marriages to the SCPA at the earliest.


Authority to create awareness regarding child protection



To work for the promotion, protection, and fulfillment of child rights as enshrined in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



To inculcate the values of the modern and civilized culture in our society so as to save our children from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect.



To ensure the implementation of Sindh child protection authority act, 2011 and rules, 2016 in letter and spirit with all the efforts in a result-oriented way.


Only 34% of children under five are registered at birth nationally. Children in Pakistan are vulnerable to many forms of violence (physical, psychological, sexual) and exploitation, including economic exploitation and child trafficking. Nearly 30 years after Pakistan ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), no public coordinated child protection case management and referral system, as aligned with international standards, has been established.

Laws Pertaining to the protection of child rights

Sindh Child Protection Authority Policy Draft

Sindh Child Protection Authority Policy Draft

Download ACT

The United Nations Convention

The United Nations Convention

SUBJECT: Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly Resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989.
Download ACT

The Sindh vagrancy

The Sindh vagrancy (Amendment)

SUBJECT: The Sindh vagrancy (Amendment) Ordinance, 1983
Download ACT

Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 JJSO

SUBJECT: Juvenile Justice System Act 2018
Download ACT



SUBJECT: Provincial Assembly of Sindh Notification Karachi , The 24 May 2021.
Download ACT
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